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Interaction with the WOMBAT project - data provision

The WOMBAT project has received numerous requests for interaction, either to provide data to the project for analysis or to use the information collected by the project.

Our current answer to these requests is to suggest that, if you are interested in participating, you join one of the project partners' initiatives. The current suggestion is to install an SGNet honeypot through the project, This will enable you to collect data and provide it to the project. It will also enable you to access some of the data collected by others throgh well specified interfaces, and carry out your own data analysis research.

If you are a large data collector, we also have an interface for data exchange, run by FORTH in Greece. Please contact us if you feel that you fall into this category

WOMBAT Project Description

The WOMBAT project aims at providing new means to understand the existing and emerging threats that are targeting the Internet economy and the net citizens. To reach this goal, the proposal includes three key workpackages: (i) real time gathering of a diverse set of security related raw data, (ii) enrichment of this input by means of various analysis techniques, and (iii) root cause identification and understanding of the phenomena under scrutiny. The acquired knowledge will be shared with all interested security actors (ISPs, CERTs, security vendors, etc.), enabling them to make sound security investment decisions and to focus on the most dangerous activities first. Special care will also be devoted to impact the level of confidence of the European citizens in the net economy by leveraging security awareness in Europe thanks to the gained expertise.

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