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WOMBAT first open workshop

The WOMBAT consortium will organise its first open workshop in St 
Malo, France, on September 22-23 (from Tuesday 12:00 - Wednesday 12:00).

The workshop is conveniently co-located with RAID and organised just before the main conference. The workshop will be practical and hands-on. Attendance will be limited to 45 researchers. Registration should be made through the RAID registration site by selecting the RAID+WOMBAT option.

By means of presentations, participants will learn what sources of
information Wombat makes available to analysts, security experts and researchers. These sources include malware repositories and attack related databases such as those of Anubis, Symantec, HoneySpider, VirusTotal, Noah, SGNet, and several others. Moreover, participants will be allowed to get hands-on experience in an exciting tutorial session in which the participant uses a variety of sensors and databases to analyse different security incidents.

We believe that the availability of a large set of databases and a way to access all of them conveniently will be crucial for any security expert. By means of a simple API, WOMBAT allows users to do so in an intuitive manner, while allowing the data owners to keep control over exactly what data can be shared and how.